Here you can see all Permissions your TS3 Query Account and Guest Admin Query Account need.
For security reasons we prefer to create a new queryW account and not to use the Admin Server Query Account.
Permission Function Works with Slow Mode
b_client_info_view Always needed
b_virtualserver_channel_list Always needed
b_virtualserver_client_dblist Always needed
b_virtualserver_client_list Always needed
b_virtualserver_info_view Always needed
b_virtualserver_notify_register Always needed
b_virtualserver_notify_unregister Always needed
b_virtualserver_servergroup_list Always needed
i_client_private_textmessage_power Always needed
b_client_channel_textmessage_send Advertising
b_client_server_textmessage_send Advertising
b_channel_join_ignore_password Allow joining all channels
b_channel_join_permanent Allow joining all channels
b_channel_join_semi_permanent Allow joining all channels
b_channel_join_temporary Allow joining all channels
b_channel_join_ignore_password Allow joining all channels
i_channel_join_power Allow joining all channels
b_channel_delete_flag_force Bad Channel Name Check
b_channel_delete_permanent Bad Channel Name Check
b_channel_delete_semi_permanent Bad Channel Name Check
b_channel_delete_temporary Bad Channel Name Check
b_channel_modify_name Bad Channel Name Check
i_channel_modify_power Bad Channel Name Check
i_client_kick_from_channel_power Bad Channel Name Check
b_client_ignore_sticky If you work with sticky groups
b_client_delete_dbproperties Inactive Clients Cleaner
i_client_complain_power Many functions if complain is enabled
i_client_kick_from_server_power Many functions if complain is enabled
i_client_move_power Many functions if complain is enabled
i_client_poke_power Many functions if complain is enabled
b_client_remoteaddress_view Permission to display the IP Address
i_client_permission_modify_power Server Group Protection
i_group_member_add_power Server Group Protection and Idle Check
i_group_member_remove_power Server Group Protection and Idle Check
b_virtualserver_client_dbinfo Some chat commands
b_virtualserver_client_dbsearch Some chat commands
b_virtualserver_channelgroup_client_list Some chat commands
b_group_is_permanent The bot need this to stay
at this group after reconnecting
The "Guest Server Query" group also needs the following Permission:
Permission Function


To connect



Displaying missing permission names in log